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Reel Britannia

Sep 8, 2021

Welcome to Reel Britannia-a very British podcast about very British movies ...with just a hint of professionalism.

This week, Scott, Steven and Tony take a look at the big screen adventures of this country’s finest troop of wartime warriors
Join us we chat about Dad’s Army, The Movie from 1971 starring Arthur Lowe, John le Mesurier and the cast one of the greatest ever UK TV sitcoms in their finest hour.

When World War Two breaks out, the small seaside town of Walmington-on-Sea finds itself less than ably defended by the elderly and inept members of Captain Mainwaring's home guard unit. Put on manoeuvres by a visiting Major-General, Mainwaring's men manage to bungle one task after another. However, when a group of Germans from a scout plane take the Mayor hostage at the church hall, the clueless soldiers might still have a chance of saving the day!

“We're the Local Defence Volunteers, and I'm their appointed commander, Captain Mainwaring, and I must ask you to keep your hands off my privates!”

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Scott, Steven and Tony