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Reel Britannia

Nov 28, 2021

Welcome to Reel Britannia-a very British podcast about very British movies ...with just a hint of professionalism.

A special episode this week where Scott is joined by his fellow co hosts of the Stinking Pause podcast, Paul and Charlie to chat about mobsters, Marbella, and monkeys with Beatles haircuts.

Sexy Beast (2000)

“Ex-villain Dove (Ray Winstone) has served his time behind bars, and is blissfully retired to a Spanish villa paradise with a wife he adores. But the idyll is shattered by the arrival of his nemesis Don Logan (Ben Kingsley), who is intent on persuading Gal to return to London for one last big job. Desperate not to sacrifice his enchanted existence, Dove is drawn into a shocking and explosive battle of wills with Logan, risking everything to protect the woman he loves.”

“But quite frankly your attitude appalls me. It's not what you're saying. It's all this stuff you're not saying. Insinnuendos.”
(Incidentally….try finding a decent quote from this film that hasn’t got swearing in it!)

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Scott, Paul and Charlie