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Reel Britannia

Dec 6, 2020

Welcome to Reel Britannia-a very British podcast about very British movies ...with just a hint of professionalism.

In the latest episode, Scott is joined by Steven to chat about slaughterhouses, suicides and Sinead O’Connor.

Join us we take a look at the darkest of dark comedies, The Butcher Boy from 1997, directed by Neil Jordan and starring Stephen Rea, Fiona Shaw, Brendan Gleason and Ian Hart.

Francie and Joe live the usual playful, fantasy filled childhoods of normal boys. However, with a violent, alcoholic father and a manic depressive, suicidal mother the pressure on Francie to grow up are immense. When Francie's world turns to madness, he tries to counter it with further insanity, with dire consequences.

“And that was the end of the goldfish, because from now on I was gonna be good. And if anyone was looking for Francie the Bad Bastard, they wouldn't find him because he was busy getting the Francie-Not-a-Bad-Bastard-Anymore diploma.”

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Scott and Steven