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Reel Britannia

Sep 30, 2018

Welcome to Reel Britannia-a very British podcast about very British films....with the occasional hint of professionalism.

In this episode, Scott is joined by Steven, and we review Ken Loach’s movie from 1969, Kes.

Ken Loach's acclaimed British drama focuses on Billy Casper (David Bradley), a tormented working-class boy who is subjected to abuse both at school and at home. The son of a single mother (Lynne Perrie), Billy's existence is mostly bleak until he takes up an interest in falconry and begins training a kestrel that he finds on a nearby farm. While Billy forms a close bond with the falcon, his hardscrabble life and harsh environment prove to be a challenge to the boy and his bird..


Also featuring this week, a look at some of the groundbreaking work from Ken Loach on tv and film from the sixties.


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Scott and Steven