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Reel Britannia

Feb 24, 2024

Reel Britannia podcast - a very British podcast about very British movies...with just a hint of professionalism.


Scott and Steven are joined this week by Antony, host of Film Gold, Glass Onion : On John Lennon, and Life and Life Only to discuss something of a departure for Richard Burton.


Villain (1971)

Hailing from East London, Vic Dakin dotes on his aged and largely bedridden mother. He is also the leader of a criminal gang whose proceeds are largely from the regular collection of "protection money" from their victims.

Vic often uses brutal violence against enemies as well as "friends" to prove a point, the violence in and of itself which he seems to relish. While not a regular means to money, Vic decides that his gang will work on a tip to rob a factory payroll, which, somewhat against his wants, will entail working with fellow criminal Frank Fletcher, who understands such a job better than Vic or anyone on his team.

Making the job more complex at this time are: the police being after Vic for the vicious attack on one of Vic's associates who acted as a police snitch; and Vic's association with Wolfie Lissner, who procures sexual services for a number of people, including some fairly high profile ones, and who often acts as Vic's "on demand" sexual partner.

"Frank, Frank. We're the boys, aren't we? Aren't we the boys. Always have been, ever since we were kids. Hardly got off our mother's tit when we had 'em quaking down in Hackney."

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