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Reel Britannia

Oct 1, 2017

Episode 004 of the new podcast from the Stinking Pause stable of podcasts featuring Scott and Tony. Welcome to Reel Britannia-a very British podcast about very British films....with the occasional hint of professionalism.

In this episode, Scott's choice is from 1970, starring a pre-Bond Roger Moore.

The Man Who Haunted Himself….A conservative businessman believes he has unleashed his exact double and alter ego when he is involved in a car wreck. Pelham (Roger Moore) recovers from the accident to find he is seen two places at once and is having an affair with a girl he only met once. Eve (Hildegard Neil) is his wife who hears of Pelham's infidelity as the marriage heads for the rocks. He also is credited for some uncharacteristic and daring business deals that net big profits. Pelham soon wonders if he is losing his mind or if has an exact double causing his trouble in this psychological drama.


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Scott and Tony